What is one word that describes you?

It’s hard to describe yourself. Being in possession of that much self awareness is a skill that would need to be practiced and honed over time. Usually, if you try, you can master the skill in your 20s. Unfortunately, this is about the same time where you lose all sense of your self, your path and what you want to do with your life, so it doesn’t really amount to much. Still, if you learn to wield your new-found self awareness, you will be unstoppable.

I may have learned to be self-aware and I may have ideas of what I want my path to look like, but I lack the confidence to get there. So, I did what any self-aware and diffident person would do – I thought of what my friends would say about me.

I grew up with most of my friends and we’ve always been close. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly together and we’ve constructed traditions and rituals out of experiences that live throughout our memories and bring smiles to our faces.

“She’s so quirky!!” We repeat sarcastically when we feel one of us has travelled too far out of the box. It isn’t disparaging nor discouraging, but rather just an acknowledgement that one of us is trying something new. It’s always sarcastic and yet always packed with kindness, amusement and warmth.


Quirky is a funny word. It’s been transposed by pop culture the same way ‘kitsch’ and ‘snazzy’ have been. Of course, the meanings of words will always change through the passage of time. That said, the word ‘Quirky’ hasn’t changed too much.

Quirky in the english language means being characterised by a peculiar or eccentric trait. In conventional use, the word ‘Quirky’ is not much different, but prescribes a positive effect on the subject that the original word just did not have.

While pop culture is responsible for adapting words and alternating their meanings, these changes are also liable to take place is smaller circles away from public eyes. My friends and I, for example, adapted the word to also tack on an inference of ridiculousness.

Don’t like the color pink? Well, “She’s so quirky!!”

Wear sandals over heels or don’t feel like getting your hair done? “She’s so quirky!!”

It’s obviously ridiculous, but it amused us to think that these trifles could be a big deal to some people and that we could be judged over them. Overtime, we realised that much of the things we find quirky were also positive, so the word changed again.

Having old friends is great in that way where you’ll change the english language to support one another. Of course, the usage of the word had to change as well. The sarcasm has never died, but the word is invoked in more serious conversation.

For example. It’s uncommon that one of our friends would be available in the morning given most of them work nine to five jobs. Whereas as a self-employed person, I’m happy to set my schedule to anything that suits me. The reaction that this gets quite often is the all too familiar sarcastic phrase – “She’s so quirky!”

What Makes a Quirky Person?


I like to think of myself as a writer no matter how much (or little) I get paid for it. Agatha Christie once said that she’d thought of herself as a writer, but not as an author professionally for many years into her success. Well, that’s me.

I know I haven’t reached professional status author yet, but I write and that means I’m a writer. My friends all work traditional nine to five jobs. Consultants, HR or even Engineers.

I am quite thankful to have friends I’ve known since fifth grade. It can be difficult to make friends when you’re older (read Friends in a New Country for more). My friends and I have known one another now for at least fifteen years and not only can I not imagine a live without them, but I can count on their judgement.

It’s not crazy but it is rather out of the box for the standard set by the friends we have surrounded ourselves with. Thus, quirky.


Another of my ‘quirky’ methods of living is that I quite often pass my free time reading, painting or with photography. I’ll sometimes take a camera to new places or carry a book to the cinema, just in case (this one I admit is eccentric, but you never know if the tape will catch fire or the movie will be delayed for some unforeseen reason.)

What does that earn me? “She’s so quirky!!”

I can often reciprocate the gesture as my friends enjoy a good painting session the same way I do, but it’s all in amusement, kindness and warmth.

These hobbies have helped us develop our perspectives to be open minded and creative. A friend of mine wears unconventional color and clothing combinations that she feels incredibly proud of. Do you know what that makes her? Say it with me.

I’m considered quite quirky myself for thinking in colors and images. We’re all quirky in our own ways and we all deserve a swift ‘he/she’s so quirky!’ call to assure us we’re on the right track.

I Am Quirky

So that’s it. I’m quirky (no sarcasm but only some amusement.) Embracing this thought has since pushed me to be more creative and improve my quirks so to speak. I’ve come to be proud of myself as I am and it is in no small part thanks to my friends. I’m quite lucky to have them and will keep them for many years to come.

What inside jokes do you have with your friends and what do you think would earn you a ‘quirky!’ call.

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